Committed to providing the best holistic veterinary care, our awesome team is truly passionate in our work. And when we love what we do, we do it well and receive quite a lot of pats on our shoulders! Read what our lovely clients say about us!

As an owner, the people I want working on my animal when she's unwell are people who can make her feel better, and at the same time, make me feel reassured that she's in good hands. Also, when I have questions and concerns, I wish that my queries can be answered with patience, even if they sound silly. The vets and nurses at Gentle Oak have done all that!

Many dogs hate vet visits because clinics are places that inspire fear, but the knowledgeable, friendly and patient staff at Gentle Oak are so different they truly love the animals. It's obvious that my dog loves her vet and everyone at Gentle Oak and does not resist a visit to the clinic when she needs medical attention! Thank you for loving my dog like she's yours! =D

 Victoria Koay (Oreo the Schnauzer)

For Our Complementary Healthcare Therapies

One of my three dogs was having some UTI issue despite having the tests at the vet coming back clean. He was displaying symptoms of UTI even though there wasn’t any infection from the urine and blood test. I was out of my wit and asked Bertha for a Bodytalk session and amazingly, the UTI issue was resolved half an hour after the session was done. My dog went to drink some water and peed normally after and it turned out that it was an emotional issue as he was actually looking for more attention as I was spending more time with my other dog who has been ill. I have to say I didn’t expect BodyTalk to work so effectively so quickly.

 John Ang, Operations Manager, Singapore