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Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic

At Gentle Oak Veterinary Clinic, we go beyond textbook veterinary to combine the best of allopathic medicine with complementary veterinary care from various integrative healthcare modalities. Gentle Oak doesn’t only look at physical symptoms alone but view the entire bodymind complex as a whole. We recognise not just the physical, but emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of your beloved companion animals, while paying attention to the often overlooked areas such as environmental factors, emotional well-being and dietary intake as well.

While skilled in our medical expertise of internal medicine and surgery, Gentle Oak advocates HEALTH-care and not sickness-care, stressing on the importance of preventive pet care. We see physical symptoms as the body’s natural way of signaling imbalances, be it physical or otherwise, and aim to bring your pets’ bodymind system back into balance with a combination of western medicine, good clinical dietary and sometimes, surgery as well as integrative healthcare modalities. We believe that true healing occurs when the bodymind system is in good balance and harmony.

At Gentle Oak, your pets are more than just companion animals, they are precious members of your family. Our practice philosophy is firmly rooted in honouring the human and animal bonds while upholding our commitment of providing the best veterinarian medicine and placing the welfare of our patients as utmost priority.

Gentle Oak Values: LOVE

Listen: Gentle Oak listens from the heart with non-judgment. No detail is too small and no question is silly. We provide pet owners a safe environment to share their pets’ health and stories.

Open-mindedness: Gentle Oak keeps an open mind in healthcare options for your beloved furry friends. We don’t believe in a fixed and rigid “text book” way in treating animals and are willing to go the extra mile to provide the best integrated healthcare solutions for your pets.

Value: Gentle Oak values and honours the intimate bond between humans and animals. Rest assured that your beloved pet will not be “just another patient”. We might sound crazy to some, but we believe your companion animals are “people” too (don’t be shocked we talk to them like humans!) and we treat them how we would like to be treated.

Empower: Gentle Oak believes in empowering pet owners and their companion animals. Though we are veterinarians by profession, the true healer is always the animals themselves. Fact! It is the animals’ bodymind complex that truly does the healing, not the drugs, not even the vets. We are merely humble facilitators with the honour of helping your animals self-heal.


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